The Cabinetmaker,

Émilie VEISEMBURGER, cabinetmaker

Having always followed my curiosity, this is not my first trade but it will surely be my last. I wanted to get involved in the wood trades at a very young age and my plans were diverted at the time for many reasons that no longer apply today.
In 2018, I finally decided to change my career path and took a course at the Lycée des Métiers des Arts et Techniques du Bois et de la Tapisserie d’Ameublement in Rillieux-la-Pape. I obtained my diploma in 2019.
With the experience gained during my training courses, in particular at the Copeau et l’Etincelle workshop (Lyon), I designed my first pieces of furniture, which took shape 2 years later in my Ardèche workshop.
These pieces of furniture will combine materials such as wood and steel to give life to my vision of custom-made furniture: a refined and contemporary structure underlining an old wood full of history.


Let’s create your made-to-measure furniture together.