The Place,

At the bottom of an Ardèche valley,
If you go up the Besorgues valley following the river of the same name, you will find the hamlet of Soulier on the southern slope.
Le Soulier means “the sun is here” in Occitan. And it is indeed, in this very sunny hamlet that my studio is located. I moved to Labastide-sur-Besorgues, 2130 route du Soulier in 2020.
It is a real pleasure to work here and I am happy to show you this little corner of the mountains.
The workshop is directly on the road (very practical for logistics), and behind it, on the path leading to the village, there is a breathtaking view over the valley toward the town of Aubenas.

This hamlet had only one or two inhabitants per year until 4 years ago. Today, there are more than ten of us living here.
Many renovations are underway and many activities are being created.


Other Activities at Le Soulier,

You will find below all the new local activities:

  • Tristan the blacksmith, follow him on Facebook,
  • The Etsy online shop for leather and wood goods.

 … And so much more to come!

The Permises,

A large workshop full of creativity,
It is in this space, which is currently being renovated, that I had the pleasure of setting up my machines.
Woodworking is in my genes. Indeed, my grandfather and my father before me worked with this material as amateurs for years. So, I was lucky enough to inherit the family woodworking machines.
I added to this equipment until I had a well-equipped workshop and set it up in a setting steeped in history.
The height under the roof, supported by this more than one hundred year old chestnut frame, allows me to work on very large pieces. This is very useful when it comes to making your worktops and other reception tables.

The workshop is in a building that is currently being renovated and will be further improved until, I hope one day, I can welcome the public. I will then be able to start my second favourite activity (after creation): the transmission of know-how.


Let’s create your made-to-measure furniture together.