Wood is the material of choice for cabinetmakers and I often choose it locally: oak, chestnut and walnut. Its virtues are numerous: solid, durable, warm. My favourite moment during the making of your furniture is the first stroke of the plane which reveals the wood grain.
The movement of this grain will bring the roundness that combines with the clean lines of my steel structures.



I take great care to choose good quality hardware.
They are as durable as the materials I use. They will allow me to create practical and ergonomic furniture, as close as possible to your needs.



A material much more rarely used in carpentry, it provides unalterable strength and durability. It allows great creativity. And, despite its weight, which ensures stability, I use it to refine structures that are often massive when they are only made of wood.
This results in very modern furnitures that can be used both indoors and outdoors.



They are used with two objectives: to emphasize the material and to protect it. In this spirit, I propose a vitrification of the wood with a matt or satin aspect. I combine it with a tint of your choice. I only work with acrylic products and do not apply paint. This often denatures and suffocates the wood and blurs the grain.
For steel, I use a burnisher followed by a rust inhibitor. This gives you an aged, satin finish.


Let’s create your made-to-measure furniture together.